The Matriarch – Happy Birthday to me.

I’ve hit 74 on the 19th August and am now hurtling into my role as matriach of the Antipodean Families.

As we move on in our journey of finding out about the family members that went before us, I never cease to be amazed to be very broad the family is.

On my recent trip to Tasmania I was delighted to discover exactly how we are connected to the Black Johnsons.  What a wonderful couple Thomas Johnson and Dolly Dalrymple were.   What a truimph of human spirit they lived out.  They overcome racial prejudice from the white community and antipathy from the black community to forge their own destiny.

With the help of our very capable researcher Thelma McKay we finally solved our connection with these wonderful people.  And we are proud to claim the relationship.  Not only did Mary Ann Carey survive her mother Ann Carey’s time in the Ross Female Factory, but she adopted into William Johnston and Ann Carey’s family after their marriage in 1854.  She married Lewis Johnson, the son and Thomas and Dolly.  Proven beyond reasonable doubt!


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