More Antipodean

It is important to point out early in the piece that New Zealand is more Antipodean than Australia.

“How can you be more Antipodean?” you ask, “Surely you are Antipodean or not”.

It simply goes back to definitions.

Antipodeans are the poeples who live in the Antipodes.  The Antipodes is the place on earth most distant from England.  Here it is.  New Zealand is further from England than Australia and is therefore more opposite than Australia.

Both countries are in the South Pacific and are on opposite latitudes to the Old England, both are on opposite longatudes to Old England. On the face of it – apparently the same degree of being Antipodean.  However, it is on the issue of time that reveals which is the MOST opposite to Mother England.

So, we compare the difference to Greenwich Mean Time in the 2 Antipodean timezones.

Perth is GMT + 8, Brisbane is GMT + 10 and Auckland is GMT + 12.   Auckland is exactly opposite to London.

QED – New Zealand is more Antipodean.

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