A Proud Man

The story of Leslie Pheasant Wight who achieve fame over his life time. He moved out of the family clothing factories and moved into theraputic massage or some related field. He practiced as Doctor Leonard Wight and achieved an international fame with treatment of famous people like Buster Keaton.

Dr Leslie Wight or Dr Leonard Wight?

Leslie Pheasant Wight according his birth certificate seems to have been a talented guy. He was certainly involved in the family factories which seem to have been in some way related to the rag trade.

We know this because in his statement to the Coroner about his mother’s death in 1926, he states that she was well the last time he had seen her was at the factories and that she seems to be well.  He was Leslie Pheasant Wight when he signed his statement.

At some other time in his life he seems to have become Dr Leonard Wight and to have treated some interesting and prominent people like Buster Keeton.

It would be nice to get an understanding of the change in name and what areas of health and healing he was involved in.

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